I Know You Feel Like Your World is Crumbling…

I’ve been there.

I have days where I feel like I’m on top of the world, like I am living life! Then I have others where I feel so alone and so lost, I feel like I could die. That’s the truth and sometimes the truth sucks. But I do not believe I am suffering alone. I think their are many other people out there who feel the same and oh, how I wish I could hug those people and remind them things will be alright because they will.

If you are one of those people like this or you know someone like this please show them this message.

“Hey I know you feel all over the place and you feel like you’re going crazy. I do too. But you’re not. You are doing amazing and you will be okay. On the days that are rough, remember the good days. Remember that it’s not permanent. Try to get through it however you can. Do something you love that day and say some positive affirmations in the mirror to yourself. I know it sounds silly but it helps. I know on my bad days I take any help I can get. Also, on your good days enjoy them. Don’t think or worry about having a bad day. We can fix that when it happens, for now enjoy this beautiful day. You deserve it. You aren’t fighting this battle alone. You’ve got this. You can overcome anything. You’ll never be alone. I love you. You’ve got this.”

Thank you to whoever is reading this. I hope it helps you or the person your showing it to.

I love you.


Being Selfish Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Yeah, you read that correctly.

It isn’t bad to think of yourself once in awhile. We live in a people pleasing world, where everyone is trying to make everyone happy. Most of the time we forget about our own happiness. We forget what it’s like to take care of ourselves and that’s really bad for our mental health.

It’s okay to do what’s best for yourself and think about your dreams.

Take time out of your day for yourself. Do something you like or make a list of goals. Take a bath, read a book, paint, write, etc. Do anything you like to do.

Once you start doing that daily, you will start feeling a lot better about yourself. You will see your mood drastically change. Also, your mental health will improve as well.

So, take some time for yourself.