Someone asked me why am I on social media, here is my response.

Now, I know most of us are on social media and yes even you reading this is most likely on it as well. So, I have never really had someone ask me why I AM on social media so, when proposed this question I sat for a second and really thought about it. I have always had a reason I was on their, meaning I always had a type of goal in mind. I’ve always had an idea on what I wanted to achieve. So, I sat for a good amount of time and this is what I came up with.

I want to first start out by saying my opinion on social media. Personally, I LOVE social media. I think it’s a great way to make connections and build a community with others but ( there’s always a but there ) I think it can be a very dark place at times. It can be filled with love and community but it also can be filled with hate and bullies. It’s like a Ying Yang symbol. If you want the good you also get the bad. It’s just like all of us in real life. We have good in us and bad. But anyway, I love social media for the good and the bad because yeah the bad is most of the time really bad but the good is always REALLY GOOD. I, personally, think it’s worth it. You get to make these amazing relationships with people and build this community that’s with you wherever you go. It’s such a wonderful experience to be able to communicate with nearly anyone.

So, when asked why I am on social media I said “ I am on social media because I love it. I do. Very much. I think it’s such a wonderful place to expand relationships and knowledge. I am also there personally to inspire young women to be themselves and not conform to what social media has deemed “normal” or “popular”. I hate the thought of young women sitting at home thinking they aren’t good enough because of this society and what they deem to be “normal”. I know exactly how that feels to feel like you aren’t good enough or pretty or smart or worth it. I really do and it hurts, a lot. To feel that way because of someone else’s opinion is not okay. We must be ourselves and lift each other up. We must stay true to ourselves and rise above it all. Show the world who YOU are. You deserve it.”

I hope one day someone comes across this post and something in my words resonates with them. Something inside them shifts and they start to be their authentic selves and they will stop letting society dictate who they are meant to be.

I hope that someone is you.


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